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Callas Café & Restaurant | Restaurant in the heart of Budapest, on Andrássy út


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Located on Budapest's most beautiful street, right next to the Opera House, Callas Café & Restaurant preserves traditions and represents the most modern style at the same time.

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Cozy restaurant in the heart of Budapest, on Andrássy út

Cozy restaurant in the heart of Budapest, on Andrássy út

Discover our beautiful capital and experience the unique atmosphere of Callas Café & Restaurant! Located in the heart of Budapest, on Andrássy út, our restaurant is an excellent choice for a pleasant dinner, or even just a coffee before the Opera, after shopping, or just to relax while sightseeing. We look forward to seeing you!



We had a lot of fun. Thank you Réka for your attention. And the environment is really wonderful. Bence Bernát
The servers were Réka and Missy. They were endlessly kind. The drinks and food were amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. Vanda Vikidál
Sitting here on a summer evening is heaven itself. Live music, very polite and kind service. The food is very tasty, you can live well with it. Prices are not surprising considering the location, but acceptable. We had a great time. Csilla Benyó
Réka and Melissa were very kind to us and served us sensational food. I warmly recommend the Callas restaurant to everyone, where you will have an unforgettable experience with the help of Réka and Melissa!
And the pianist plays the piano very nicely and this contributes to the excellent atmosphere! We had a wonderful evening here!
Zoli Csonka
It's a very pleasant place, the food is delicious and the service was excellent. Our server was Réka, who contributed perfectly to the time spent there and recommended very good food. We will definitely come back. Csabi Büdszenti

Our Carte

Soups, salads Starters Home-made pastry Classics Grill dishes Side dishes Desserts
Grilled goat cheese (7)
5.150 Ft

Ruccola salad, cocktail tomato, parmesan (7)
3.450 Ft

Smoked duck breast salad
5.450 Ft

Caesar salad, chicken breasts / scampi* (1,3,4,7,8, 2*)
5.590 Ft

Daily cream soup (ask at the caterer)
3.250 Ft

French onion soup (1,7)
3.250 Ft

Goulash soup Callas-style (8,10)
3.650 Ft

Tartar beefsteak (3,6,9)
5.550 Ft

Goose liver terrine with Tokaj essence (1,7,3)
7.450 Ft

Salmon carpaccio with sitrus vinaigrette (4,9)
5.450 Ft

Buffalo mozzarella with cochtail tomato salad (7)
5.350 Ft

Assorted antipasti (7)
5.250 Ft

Lasagne (1,3,7)
5.450 Ft

Saghetti Al Olio with scampi (1,2,3)
5.650 Ft

Gnocchi 4 cheese (1,3,7)
5.100 Ft

Fettuccine alla Bolognese (1,3,7,8)
5.450 Ft

Sacottini filled with pheasant ragout, wild fragrant mushrooms (1,3,7,8)
5.650 Ft

Tortelloni with ricotta and spinach (1,3,7)
5.250 Ft

Rigattoni alla Carbonara (1,3,7)
5.450 Ft

Veal paprikash, buttered noodles, cucumber salad (1,3,7,12)
7.950 Ft

Veal escalope viennoise, kidney-potatoes with rosemary (1,3,7)
8.750 Ft

Fritto misto (1,2)
6.550 Ft

Pan-fried scampi with crispy baguette (1,2,3,7)
6.450 Ft

Roast duck breast with basil mashed potatopes (7,10)
8.250 Ft

Chicken breast ballotine, celery, spinach (3,7)
6.850 Ft

Octopus (11)
6.400 Ft

Branzino (4)
6.450 Ft

Salmon (4)
6.250 Ft

Ceal french rack (7)
8.750 Ft

Matures sirloin (7)
8.750 Ft

Argentine steak (7)
12.150 Ft

Mashed potatoes with basil (7)
2.550 Ft

Grilled vegetables
2.550 Ft

Steak potatoes
2.550 Ft

Spinach, garlic, butter (7)
2.550 Ft

French and Italian cheese selection (5,7)
5.450 Ft

Ice cream cup (7)
3.300 Ft

Créme brülée (7)
3.300 Ft

Chocolate soufflé, vanilla ice cream, meringue (7)
3.300 Ft


Discover the most beautiful sights of Budapest and relax for a delicious lunch or dinner with us!

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