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Wedding venues in Budapest stylish district

Budapest, a city with a thousand faces, boasts a rich historical tradition and stunning architecture. The area around the Opera House, one of Budapest's most charming and stylish quarters, where past and present meet. Located in this stunning location, Callas Café &; Restaurant combines tradition and modern style in a unique way and can be the perf...

Events at Callas Café

The impressive, elegant interior design and the location of the restaurant can provide an excellent venue for various events, let it be a wedding, a family gathering or a business lunch. The restaurant is adapted to receive max 120 guests.

The standard set-up suits a conventional restaurant setting, which can be revised by occasion of events and group dining.

Callas Café is exceedingly suited for events premise with few in numbers, but multifarious topics:
gala dinner, executive/ partner work-lunch or dinner, wine dinner, press conference, press conversation, individual interview, fashion-show, business reception (employee, partner), class reunion, engagement, wedding reception, birthday, anniversary, mini conference, work-shop etc.


Main hall: seated, plate-service dinner, setting with rectangular tables, max. 80 pax (at 6/8/10/12/14 pax tables).
Separate room: max. 20 pax (previous permission is requested)
Coffee-house: max. 20-26 pax

Menu offers for groups and events

We change our complete a' la carte menu twice per year: in April and October. 
This is the base of group offers also, according to season: spring-summer and autumn-winter menu offers.
These general, seasonal offers contain 3 and 4 courses menu offers (attention to special dietary reqests as well) and drink pacakges (limited, limitless, non-alcoholic):
1) for individual guests and smaller groups (till max. 20 pax)
2) for larger groups (20-120 guests).

Orchestra and folklore show 

We provide play of orchestra (salon and gypsy music) free of charge for groups and events in case of previous reservation; performance of opera singer and Hungarian folk dance pair can be ordered with payment of their honorarium.


Bus stop: in front of the State Opera House/ Ballet Institute (time for “hop on/hop off”)
Parking houses: 5 minutes far by walk from the restaurant : www.carepark.hu
"Opera Parking House", "Székely Mihály Parking House"


Booking: +36 1 354 0794
Web: www.callashouse.com
E-mail: info@callashouse.com

We certainly compile a new offer with pleasure according to personal claims and requests.
For further question or request please don't hesitate to contact us.


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