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Wedding venues in downtown Budapest


Wedding venues in Budapest stylish district

Budapest, a city with a thousand faces, boasts a rich historical tradition and stunning architecture. The area around the Opera House, one of Budapest's most charming and stylish quarters, where past and present meet. Located in this stunning location, Callas Café &; Restaurant combines tradition and modern style in a unique way and can be the perfect venue for romantic weddings.
Wedding venues in downtown Budapest

Wedding venues in Budapest: Callas Café & Restaurant awaits you with an elegant atmosphere

The imposing and elegant interiors and the restaurant's excellent location make Callas the perfect choice for special events, including weddings. 

Budapest restaurant on its most beautiful street, Andrássy, right next to the Opera House, can accommodate up to 120 people. The standard equipment corresponds to a traditional restaurant layout, while at the same time flexibly adapting to the needs of the given event. Whether it's bigger or more intimate weddings, Callas always offers the perfect solution.

Stylish wedding venues in Budapest

Due to its special atmosphere, style and location, the restaurant is an ideal choice for couples who want to organize their wedding in a unique and special venue. Callas Café &; Restaurant is recommended not only for those who love art and stylish surroundings, but also for all those who want a romantic wedding. With its Parisian and unique atmosphere, Callas captivates even those who imagine their big day in the spirit of romance.
The restaurant's speciality is further enhanced by the extremely cozy function room, which is an ideal choice for smaller weddings or wedding receptions. The function room, which can accommodate 20 people, creates the perfect intimate atmosphere for the wedding celebration.

Excellent wedding venues in Budapest – wedding pictures taken in Callas will be memorable

Callas Café &; Restaurant is not only an excellent wedding venue, but also the perfect choice for capturing wedding photos. The building has an imposing exterior, which in itself serves as a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. And the restaurant's interiors are decorated with artistic and stylish elements, so you can find a detail in every corner that makes the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

The location of the restaurant, right next to the Opera House, further enhances the uniqueness of wedding photography. The surrounding buildings and stunning panoramas of the city can serve as the perfect backdrop for wedding photos that will keep your wedding day memories forever.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with artistic and stylish elements that are inspiring and unique. The play of lights, the style of the furniture and the atmosphere of the restaurant all contribute to making wedding photos special and impressive.

The restaurant's function room can also be an ideal choice for capturing wedding photos. The romantic and unique atmosphere of the intimate function room perfectly complements wedding photos and provides an opportunity for couples to capture private moments on their wedding day.

Memorable wedding venues in Budapest

There is also a wide selection for couples in compiling the wedding menu. The chefs of Callas prepare special dishes and gourmet dishes that are guaranteed to enchant wedding guests. Whether it is traditional Hungarian flavors or masterpieces of international cuisine, the restaurant's cuisine always works with fresh, quality ingredients.

Callas Café &; Restaurant has decades of experience in weddings and events, so they pay attention to every little detail to make your wedding day truly memorable for both the couple and the guests. The restaurant team will provide all the necessary assistance and support during wedding planning so that the couple can fully enjoy the pre-wedding excitement and the wedding day itself. If you also want a wedding that will stay in your memory forever, look no further, Callas has all your needs to realize a dream wedding.

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