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Callas Café & Restaurant - the perfect choice for any business event.


Corporate venue: an elegant restaurant in a prominent location

The success of your corporate event depends largely on the choice of venue. When elegance, sophistication and easy accessibility are required, Callas Café & Restaurant is the perfect choice. Situated on Andrássy Avenue, in the heart of Budapest, right next to the Opera, the restaurant stands out not only for its stunning art deco style, but also for its impressive location.
Corporate venue Budapest

Corporate event venue in art deco style

The interior of Callas Café & Restaurant impresses everyone who enters. You can immediately recognise the art deco style: rich decorations, geometric shapes, gold and black colours in an elegant combination create a truly unique atmosphere. Every detail of our restaurant suggests that luxury and sophistication meet comfort. This unique style provides the ideal backdrop for any business event, whether it's an important business lunch, an executive meeting or a large corporate reception.

Corporate venue in a central location

Andrássy Avenue is one of Budapest's best known and busiest roads, easily accessible by public transport and car. The central location is a big advantage not only for local companies but also for partners from abroad. And its proximity to the Opera adds to the prestige of the location. Guests can easily find Callas Café & Restaurant and there is plenty of parking nearby.

Corporate venue: flexibility and versatility

Callas Café & Restaurant can accommodate a maximum of 120 people, which means that it can accommodate both small and large events. The restaurant's standard layout follows a traditional restaurant layout, but can be easily adapted to the client's requirements. Whether it's for group catering or special events, the space can be used to its best advantage.

The restaurant is particularly suitable for smaller but more varied events. With the various needs of the business world in mind, Callas Café & Restaurant is also ideal for management and partner working lunches and dinners, wine dinners, press conferences, press briefings, individual interviews, company receptions (employee, partner), mini-conferences, workshops.

In the business world, exclusivity and discretion are essential requirements. Callas Café & Restaurant fully respects these requirements for events. Our restaurant provides complete privacy for private events, allowing participants to concentrate on meetings and business matters without distraction.

A corporate venuewith culinary experiences

In addition to its elegant setting, Callas Café & Restaurant offers a sophisticated culinary experience. The restaurant's chefs use carefully selected ingredients to create dishes that provide an exceptional gastronomic experience for all guests. The menu is varied, so that everyone can find something to suit their taste, whether it's light salads, homemade pasta, classic Hungarian dishes or special barbecue dishes.

Callas Café & Restaurant is not only outstanding for its delicious food, but also for its wine selection. The wine list offers a wide selection of the best domestic and foreign wines, the perfect complement to any event. The carefully selected wines and the atmosphere of the restaurant combine to ensure an unforgettable gastronomic experience. And our restaurant team will take care of every detail to ensure that your business event runs smoothly and successfully.

A unique corporate venue experience for every occasion

Callas Café & Restaurant makes every event a special experience. The unique art deco style, central location, sophisticated cuisine and professional service all contribute to making every event a memorable one. It's important to us that your partners and colleagues leave satisfied and happy to return in the future.

If you want to organize an unforgettable and successful event, choose Callas Café & Restaurant and you can be sure that all your needs will be met. The atmosphere of any corporate event will be elevated here, as the environment is captivating, guaranteeing an immersive experience for all participants.
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