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Andrássy ut restaurants: Callas Café & Restaurant


Andrássy ut restaurants: the taste of Budapest elegance

The Andárssy út in Budapest, is famous not only for its stunning architectural treasures, but also for the elegant restaurants and exclusive shops that attract locals and tourists alike. One of the most prominent restaurants here is Callas Café & Restaurant, where we proudly work to create a true taste of Budapest elegance.
Andrássy ut restaurants: Callas Café & Restaurant

Andrássy ut restaurant: history of Budapest's Avenue

Andrássy Avenue was opened in 1872 and has been considered one of Budapest's most important and beautiful streets ever since. The avenue is named after Count Gyula Andrássy, who was the first prime minister of Hungary after the Reunification. Andrássy made a major contribution to the modernisation of Budapest and to the city's cultural life. The wide tree-lined boulevards of Paris were used as a model for the design of the road, and accordingly Andrássy Avenue is an elegant, grand boulevard lined with historic buildings.

Andrassy ut restaurants: attractions on Andrassy Avenue

Andrássy Avenue is home to many iconic buildings, such as the Hungarian State Opera House, which has been a centre of Hungarian and international opera life since it opened in 1884. Walking along Andrássy Avenue, you pass by the Academy of Music, founded by Ferenc Liszt, where many world-famous musicians have studied and given concerts. In addition, Heroes' Square, at the end of Andrássy Avenue, welcomes visitors with statues commemorating great figures of Hungarian history and the Millennium Monument.

High-fashion shops next to the restaurant on Andrássy ut 

Andrássy Avenue attracts not only culture and history lovers, but also fashion and luxury lovers. The avenue is home to a number of high-fashion shops representing the most prestigious international brands. Here you will find shops of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and other exclusive brands, which tempt shoppers with their elegant windows. These shops not only make the shopping experience special, but also define the atmosphere of the area, contributing to the luxurious ambience of Andrassy Avenue.

Andrássy ut restaurants: Callas Café & Restaurant

One of the gems of Andrássy Avenue is Callas Café & Restaurant, where we work with our enthusiastic team to provide an unforgettable experience for all our guests. Our restaurant's elegant interior and stunning façade is located in close proximity to the Opera House, making it the ideal place for opera lovers to end the evening with a pleasant dinner. The restaurant's menu combines the best of Hungarian and international cuisine, with a special focus on quality ingredients and refined presentation.

Walking along Andrassy Avenue, many people visit us for a pleasant lunch or dinner, especially those who shop in the nearby high-end stores. Here, lovers of elegance and luxury can relax with a delicious meal and enjoy the atmosphere of the area.

Andrassy ut restaurants: special occasions and memorable moments

Callas Café & Restaurant is not just a restaurant, but a place to celebrate special occasions. Whether it's a romantic date, an anniversary, an engagement party or even a small birthday celebration, our restaurant provides the perfect setting. The elegant surroundings and attentive service all contribute to making these events unforgettable.

Many of our guests choose to have their wedding here, which we are delighted to do and we try to cater for all needs. The restaurant's magical interior and high quality service provide the ideal setting for a memorable wedding ceremony and reception. We take care of every detail to ensure that the newlyweds' day is perfect and an unforgettable experience for them and their guests.

Gastronomic experiences at an Andrassy ut restaurant

The real charm of Andrássy Avenue and Callas Café & Restaurant is that history, culture, fashion and gastronomy truly come together here. Andrássy Avenue is one of the most beautiful parts of Budapest, where visitors can experience the elegance and uniqueness of the city. Callas Café & Restaurant is the perfect place for all of this, whether it's a delicious dinner or a nice coffee.

The restaurants and shops on Andrassy Avenue contribute to the unique atmosphere of Budapest and offer a memorable experience for all visitors. Whether it's a romantic dinner, a business meeting or a special event, Andrássy Avenue and Callas Café & Restaurant are always the perfect choice. Visit us and experience the taste of Budapest elegance!

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