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Hungarian restaurant Budapest: Callas Café & Restaurant


Hungarian restaurant Budapest: an iconic restaurant you must try

If you're looking for iconic restaurants in Budapest, Callas Café & Restaurant is definitely one of the top. Situated among the stunning buildings of Andrássy Avenue, in the immediate vicinity of the Opera House, our restaurant has been offering its unique atmosphere and gastronomic offerings for almost 20 years.
Hungarian restaurant Budapest: Callas Café & Restaurant

Hungarian restaurant Budapest: why you should try it?

Discovering Hungarian restaurants in Budapest is an unmissable experience, as the rich flavours and traditions of Hungarian cuisine offer a unique insight into the country's cultural heritage. 

If you decide to try Hungarian cuisine, you will have a unique gastronomic experience with a rich historical and cultural background. Hungarian cuisine is renowned for its characterful, spicy dishes based on paprika, cumin, garlic and various spicy peppers. The dishes are often rich and filling, such as goulash soup, stew and stuffed cabbage. The desserts are not lacking in specialities either, with Hungarian confectioners offering delicacies such as Dobos cake and horn cakes. 

Authentic flavours are faithfully preserved and presented in Budapest's many restaurants, among which Callas Café & Restaurant is a standout. This restaurant captivates visitors not only with its delicious dishes, but also with its stunning art deco interior and historic atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable culinary journey.
Don't forget, however, that Callas Café & Restaurant not only offers the best of Hungarian cuisine, but also international cuisine. Particularly outstanding are the French and Italian cuisine, which are also on our menu. 

Hungarian restaurant Budapest: the history of Callas

The Callas Café & Restaurant was a café at the turn of the century, later became the ticket office of the Opera House, and since 2006 it has been known by its current name. When we decided to breathe new life into the building, we felt it was important to preserve its historic character. During the renovation, we paid attention to every detail to ensure that the atmosphere of the place remains true to the elegance of the old days.

Entering our restaurant, you are immediately captivated by the charm of the place. The art deco style of the building, the fine details, the beautiful frescoes and the chandeliers all contribute to the feeling of being transported back in time. Callas Café is a place where the past meets the present and where our guests can enjoy a true cultural experience.

Hungarian restaurant Budapest: gastronomic offer 

Our restaurant's menu offers a variety of traditional Hungarian dishes, served in a modern style. One of our most popular dishes is Callas goulash soup. Goulash soup is a traditional Hungarian dish that is thick, tasty and nutritious. It is made from beef, potatoes, carrots, celery and spices, with the addition of paprika and cumin, which gives it a distinctive Hungarian flavour. The rich, spicy taste of the soup perfectly captures the essence of Hungarian cuisine.

Another highlight is the veal paprikash with butter dumplings. This dish is one of the jewels of Hungarian cuisine, made with crumbly veal and served in a rich, spicy paprika sauce. The buttered dumplings, soft and light and a perfect complement to the veal paprikash, make this dish a real delicacy. Every bite of the dish is reminiscent of traditional Hungarian flavours and is sure to please our guests.

The perfect meeting place in a Hungarian restaurant in Budapest

Our restaurant is not only a restaurant, but also a meeting place where you can find yourself in the centre of the cultural and artistic life of the city. Due to its proximity to the Opera House, it is often visited by artists, musicians and other cultural figures. The Callas Café is a great place for a nice dinner before or after a performance, but it is also the perfect choice for an afternoon coffee or a business meeting.

An unique experience in a Hungarian restaurant in Budapest

Callas Café & Restaurant is a place to visit for any visitor to Budapest. The unique atmosphere, history and excellent cuisine of our restaurant guarantee that your time here will be an unforgettable experience. Discover Budapest and experience the special atmosphere of Callas Café & Restaurant! Don't forget to book a table, especially in the evening when the place really comes alive. We look forward to seeing you!

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