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Restaurant Budapest - Callas Café & Restaurant


Restaurant in Budapest next to the Opera House

The Callas Café & Restaurant is located on one of Budapest's most charming streets, near the Opera House, where historical charm and modern luxury merge. This restaurant occupies a special place on Budapest culinary map and is an ideal choice for those looking for an elegant and memorable dining experience in the heart of the Hungarian capital.
Restaurant Budapest

Historic restaurant Budapest - in a modern style

Callas Café & Restaurant is not just an ordinary restaurant with Budapest vibrant urban life, but also a place where historical architecture and contemporary design form a special harmony. Located next to the Opera House in a luxurious neighbourhood, the restaurant itself reflects the area's rich cultural heritage, while its interiors are filled with elements of modern design.

Restaurant Budapest with wonderful flavors

As an outstanding restaurant in the heart of Budapest, Callas offers high-quality culinary experiences. The menu mixes Hungarian and international flavours with fantastic playfulness. The kitchen of Callas conjures up dishes on the table that impress guests not only with their taste, but also with their spectacular serving. Callas is the perfect place for a business lunch, romantic dinner or a gathering of friends in Budapest center.

Exclusive restaurant Budapest 

Callas Café & Restaurant is famous for welcoming all its guests with the highest level of service. The staff is attentive and professional, which makes your stay here even more pleasant. Many people praise summer evenings, when live music plays on the terrace, and the pleasant atmosphere elevates the dining experience even further. This restaurant is one of the gems of Budapest where guests return, because in addition to excellent food, the environment and service are also memorable.

So Callas Café & Restaurant is more than just a restaurant; Budapest one of the highlights of its cultural and gastronomic life. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to eat in a special place where historical atmosphere and modern comforts are perfectly balanced.

Great restaurant in Budapest after an opera performance

The opera performance is a fascinating experience: the amazing voices of the singers, the deeply touching playing of the orchestra, the magical world of sets and costumes all leave an unforgettable mark on our souls. When the last note falls silent and the curtain falls, we often feel the desire to share what we have seen and heard, to discuss the details of the performance and recall the most touching moments.

Callas Café & Restaurant is the perfect setting for this special experience. The vibrant energy of opera permeates the space, while atmospheric lights and pleasant music create an intimate atmosphere. And delicious food and drinks perfectly complement the conversation and provide a real gastronomic experience.
There is no rush, no stress at Callas. It's just us, our friends and the magic of delicious food and art. This place is perfect to extend the opera experience and create unforgettable memories.

Restaurant in Budapest with great food

The light yet tasty dishes on the menu are perfect for an after-opera dinner. Carefully prepared dishes with seasonal ingredients provide a real gourmet experience, be it appetizers, main courses or desserts. Special dishes are also offered for vegetarian and vegan guests.

Callas is particularly proud of its coffee specialities and confectionery masterpieces. Drinks made from freshly roasted coffee provide aromatic pleasure, while homemade cakes and desserts bring a real heavenly experience to the table.

Cultural restaurant Budapest

The cultural milieu of Callas Café & Restaurant also contributes to an unforgettable experience. The restaurant regularly hosts performances by opera singers, so you can enjoy beautiful music during dinner.
If you're looking for a special evening in Budapest, Callas Café & Restaurant is the perfect choice. Quality food, a cozy environment, impeccable service and a cultural milieu are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience.

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